Emergency Medical Care Certificate of Achievement

The Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Certificate of Achievement is designed to offer a full range of both required and elective courses that prepare students for immediate entry into the emergency medical care field. The certificate is structured to ensure gradual, systematic and comprehensive attainment of the practical knowledge, skills and abilities desired by both private and public organizations. It also provides an excellent foundation from which to pursue both paramedic and related degree programs.

Although job ready EMT certification is the overriding goal of the program, the courses offered take into account that many students experience significant difficulty in satisfactorily completing the core 6 unit EMT course without additional preparation. Therefore, a more fundamental 3 unit Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) course is provided as a prerequisite to the 6 unit EMT course, as well as a required Medical Terminology course. A basic anatomy and physiology course (Your Living Body) is also offered as an advisory to EMR in the list of electives. The certificate also assists both students and emergency medical care providers by offering an ambulance operations course that provides both operator information and driving skills training. Additionally, the certificate addresses today’s communication/information and interpersonal relations work place needs by offering a variety of other highly relevant elective courses.

Required CoursesUnits
EMT 080Emergency Medical Responder 13
EMT 081Ambulance Operations1
EMT 084Emergency Medical Technician I6
HS 061Medical Terminology2
Select 4 courses from the following:11-13
Business Communications
Computer Survival Skills
Intro to Interpersonal Communication
General Nutrition
Your Living Body 2
Personal & Community Health
General Psychology
Abnormal Psychology
Required Subtotal12
Elective Subtotal11-13