Interdepartmental Environmental Studies AS Degree

Required CoursesUnits
G 001Physical Geology4
or G 005 Environmental Geology
or G 010 The Earth Sciences
BI 005Molecular and Cell Biology5
or BI 004 Elements of Biology
CH 003Introductory General Chemistry4
or CH 004 Fundamentals of Chemistry
NR 001Conservation of Natural Resources3
NR 001LConservation of Natural Resources Lab1
GEOG 001Physical Geography3
MATH 010College Algebra4
Electives (with Advisor approval)
Select a minimum of 17 additional units to be chosen from the following:17
Soils & Plant Nutrition
Entomology - General & Applied
Horticulture Laboratory
Principles of Macroeconomics
Cultural Geography
Statistical Methods
Introduction to Wildlife Management
Introduction to Government
Architecture Elective(s)
2-6 units
Biology Elective(s)
3-8 units
Communication Studies Electives
3 units
Computer Courses
3-6 units
Geology Elective(s)
3-8 units
Required Subtotal23-24
Elective Subtotal17
General Education Requirements (confer with Counselor)18
Kinesiology Activities2

Consult catalog of transfer institution for specific requirements.