English as a Second Language (ESL) Noncredit Program

The Noncredit ESL program is an intensive series of multi-skill courses which meet the needs of students not fluent in English.

Classes are open-entry, thereby allowing students to register throughout the school year up until the 10th week of primary term. Classes are held day and evening at Palm Desert and various campus sites.

All persons 18 years of age and older regardless of their educational background are welcome to enroll in this program.

Steps to Enrollment:

  1. Complete the online Admission Application (available with Spanish translation only), or visit the Admissions & Records Office.
  2. Make an appointment to take the English as a Second Language Placement Test.
  3. Register
  4. Pay fees

ESLN offers the following noncredit certificates of completion:

  • English Proficiency Certificate: Life & Work Skills
  • Academic English Certificate
  • Vocational ESLN Certificate of Completion

Please refer to the sequence of noncredit ESL courses required for these certificates (English as a Second Language Programs). For more information or assistance, please reference the Admissions/Adult Basic Education webpage, or call (760) 776-7348.