Chemistry AS Degree

(Includes Biochemistry) 

The Chemistry major prepares students to transfer to four-year institutions for continued study in the field of chemistry. An A.S. degree may be sufficient for an individual to secure employment as an environmental technician, laboratory technician, safety manager, sanitarian, nurse, educator, or water-quality analyst. In the chemistry classes students learn how to apply the scientific method, how to read, analyze and interpret the data collected in the laboratory, how to communicate the conclusions effectively, both orally and in writing. They also learn proper lab procedure and safe handling of chemicals. Chemists are also employed with federal, state and local governments, such as the departments of Defense, Health, and Agriculture. Analytical chemist, biochemist, biotechnologist, dentist, educator, pharmacist, physician, forensic specialist, environmental/industrial health engineer, research chemist, occupational safety officer, and veterinarian are some of the careers for which and Associate of Science in Chemistry prepares a student who subsequently obtains a university degree in the field.

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
CH 001AGeneral Chemistry I5
CH 001BGeneral Chemistry II5
CH 010AOrganic Chemistry I5
CH 010BOrganic Chemistry II5
BI 005Molecular and Cell Biology5
BI 006Biology of Organisms5
MATH 001ACalculus4
MATH 001BCalculus4
PH 003AEngineering Physics4
PH 003BEngineering Physics4
Required Subtotal46
General Education Requirements (confer with Counselor)18
Kinesiology Activities2

Consult catalog of transfer institution for specific requirements.