College of the Desert Catalog

is published annually

by the

Office of Instruction
Editors: Roxanne Brazell and Antonio Aguilar
Photographs: Public Relations Office

Special thanks to:

Members of the 2020-2021 Curriculum Committee:

John Learned, Chair
Artel Garcia, Chris Reba, George Brown, James Matthews, Jermaine Cathcart, Kimberly Brooks,
Kristie Camacho, Maria Jasso, Richard Burns, Sandra Hauf, Sarah Fry, Wendy Ansley,  

Annebelle Nery, Jojie Magbuhat, Roxanne Brazell, Antonio Aguilar

Members of the 2020-2021 Catalog Advisory Group:

Annebelle Nery & Jeff Baker, Co-Chairs
Amanda Phillips, Curt Luttrell, Florante Roa,  John Learned, Kassie Polovick, 
Kimberly Dozier, Marion Champion, Oscar Espinoza-Parra, 
  Jojie Magbuhat, Roxanne Brazell, Antonio Aguilar