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Jeff Baker
Interim, Superintendent/President

Annebelle Nery, Ph.D.
Vice President, Instruction &
Acting Vice President, Student Services

John Ramont
Vice President
Administrative Services

Mark Zacovic, Ph.D. 
Interim Vice President
Human Resources

Welcome Roadrunners,

Whether you take a few classes, obtain a certificate or complete the first two years of your college education and transfer on, College of the Desert is here to help you create the future of your dreams.

Providing our faculty, staff and students with a safe environment for learning and teaching has always been a top priority at College of the Desert.

When the last year began, none of us could have imagined how our lives would be impacted by the impending COVID-19 pandemic. No matter how stressful and difficult the year proved to be, the challenges presented resulted in new solutions to address the ever-shifting landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we anticipate our campuses will predominately remain closed this Summer and Fall, we are looking forward to what we will accomplish this year. With new tools in place for online learning and student resources, we will continue to refine these instructional and support services while continuing work on new and current initiatives designed to further remove barriers and allow for greater access to higher education.  

As the College strives to fulfill its mission to meet the needs of all those who seek a college education, we are expanding our reach across the Coachella Valley. This includes system-wide campus expansions, renovations to better accommodate future students, and the addition of the latest technology to keep pace with educational and workforce needs. Considering the significant impact the physical environment has on our students, faculty and staff, we are taking steps to ensure future work meets the needs of a post-COVID-19 world, one in which the risk of transmission is minimized through smart design that utilizes the latest technology and strategies.

We are expanding into new frontiers, giving our students the resources they need to be successful and responding to the challenges of a 21st century learning environment.

Please explore this catalog and our website to learn more about College of the Desert and how we can help you create your tomorrow.


Jeff Baker

Interim Superintendent/President