College of the Desert Catalog

is published annually

by the

Office of Student Learning
Editor: Jojie Magbuhat
Assistant Editor: Sai Vang
Cover Design: Mike Hadley

Special thanks to:

Members of the 2015-16 Curriculum Committee:

Carl Farmer, Chair
Wendy Ansley, Sara Butler, Maria Elena Diaz, Jon Fernald, Melissa Flora, Sarah Fry,
Mike Gladych, Donna Greene, Maria Jasso, Dan Kleinfelter, Jackie Matthews, Ed Reed,
Alexa Sawa, Michael Smith, Lisa Soccio, Ana Stockwell, Adam Uhlhorn, Scott Ventura,
Minerva Montane, Annebelle Nery, Jojie Magbuhat

Members of the 2015-16 Catalog Advisory Group:

Robbin Cotton, Carl Farmer, Kelly Hall, Curt Luttrell, Jojie Magbuhat,
Minerva Montane, Annebelle Nery, Amanda Phillips, Florante Roa, Sai Vang


Curt E. Luttrell
Director of Admissions and Records (Registrar)

Annnebelle Nery
Vice President, Student Success

Pamela Ralston
Vice President, Student Learning