Welcome to College of the Desert

Everywhere you look, College of the Desert is changing lives. Whether you take a few classes, obtain a certificate or complete the first two years of your college education and transfer on, your community college is changing lives every day.

At College of the Desert, we know education is the key to unlocking your future, but it takes more than classroom studies. It takes an education environment that is rich in opportunities and support services.

We are dedicated to a student learning environment built upon integrity and academic rigor while embracing diversity. We strive for the highest standards in all of our programs. Here are some of our strengths:

  • Many of our programs have achieved regional and national acclaim, including our Child Development Center, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Performing Arts, Nursing, and Business & Retail Management.
  • As evidenced in our Step Up campaign, College of the Desert alumni are integral to the success of our community. They work in our hospitality industry. They are our nurses and our public safety officers. They teach our young children. They manage local cities and agencies and are our elected officials. They are our small business entrepreneurs and they work in the newest green energy companies.
  • College of the Desert has recently hired additional faculty members and added more sections of required courses to help students continue their academic process. This action demonstrates our commitment to assisting students to reach their college and career goals.

These projects, along with our academic programs and numerous student support services, are designed to accomplish our primary goal which is to provide our students the highest caliber education that a community college can offer.

Please explore this catalog and our website to learn more about your community college and how we can help you define your future.

Joel L. Kinnamon, Ed.D.