California State University


Students who plan to transfer to a CSU campus may complete their lower division General Education requirements for graduation at COD. Students may follow the CSU GE-Breadth Certification pattern listed below, which is accepted by all CSU campuses in most majors to fulfill these requirements. This course pattern also satisfies COD's General Education requirements.

To be fully certified, students must complete a minimum of 9 units each in Areas A, B, C, and D, and 3 units in Area E. At least 30 of these units must be completed with a grade of "C" or better, including the 9 units in Area A: Communication in the English Language; and 3 units in Area B-4: Mathematics.

GE-Breadth Certification is not automatic and must be requested by the student at the same time transcripts are requested to be sent to the CSU following the posting of final grades.

Note: A single course, even though listed in more than one area, can only be used to satisfy one General Education requirement.    

A. English Language Communication & Critical Thinking

Nine (9) units minimum; select 1 course from each of the 3 groups. (C or better required in all courses.)

A-1. Oral Communication

COMM 001Introduction To Public Speaking (formerly Speech 004)3
COMM 009Introduction To Interpersonal Communication (formerly Speech 001)3
COMM 013Small Group Communication (formerly Speech 005)3
COMM 017Intercultural Communication (formerly Speech 015)3

 A-2. Written Communication

ENG 001AComposition4

A-3. Critical Thinking

COMM 025Argumentation and Debate (formerly Speech 007)3
ENG 002Argumentative Writing & Critical Thinkng Thru Literature4
PHIL 010General Logic3
SOC 004Sociological Analysis & Critical Thinking3

B. Scientific Inquiry & Quantitative Reasoning

Nine (9) units minimum; select one course from each group. One course must include laboratory.

B-1. Physical Science

A 001Descriptive Astronomy3
A 001LDescriptive Astronomy Lab1
CH 001AGeneral Chemistry I5
CH 001BGeneral Chemistry II5
CH 003Introductory General Chemistry4
CH 004Fundamentals Of Chemistry4
CH 005Bio-organic Chemistry4
CH 010AOrganic Chemistry I5
CH 010BOrganic Chemistry II5
GEOG 001Physical Geography3
GEOG 001LPhysical Geography Lab1
G 001Physical Geology4
G 002Historical Geology With Laboratory4
G 005Environmental Geology4
G 010The Earth Sciences4
G 017Introduction To Oceanography3
G 017LIntroduction To Oceanography Lab1
G 022Introduction To Environmental Sciences3
PH 001Introductory Physics4
PH 002ACollege Physics I4
PH 002BCollege Physics II4
PH 003AEngineering Physics4
PH 003BEngineering Physics4
PH 003CEngineering Physics4
PH 017Introduction To Meteorology3

B-2. Life Science

AGEH 001Horticulture3
AGEH 001LHorticulture Laboratory1
AGPS 002Entomology - General & Applied4
AGPS 005Plant Science3
AGPS 005LPlant Science Lab1
ANTH 001Introduction To Physical Anthropology3
BI 004Elements Of Biology4
BI 005Molecular And Cell Biology5
BI 006Biology Of Organisms5
BI 007Biology Of Mammals3
BI 011Biology Of Viruses3
BI 013Human Anatomy And Physiology I4
BI 014Human Anatomy And Physiology II5
BI 015General Microbiology5
NR 001Conservation Of Natural Resources3
NR 001LConservation Of Natural Resources Lab1

B-3. Laboratory Activity (One course in either B-1 or B-2 must include a laboratory.)

B-4. Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

MATH 001ACalculus4
MATH 001BCalculus4
MATH 002AMultivariate Calculus4
MATH 002BLinear Algebra4
MATH 002COrdinary Differential Equations4
MATH 005Trigonometry5
MATH 009Business Calculus4
MATH 010College Algebra4
MATH 011Math Concepts For Elementary School Teachers-Number System4
MATH 012Pre-calculus5
MATH 013Liberal Arts Math4
MATH 014Statistical Methods4
MATH 015Discrete Mathematics for Computers4
SOC 003Fundamentals Of Statistics3

C. Arts & Humanities

Nine (9) units minimum; one course must in the ARTS and one in the HUMANITIES

C-1. Arts (Arts, Cinema, Dance, Music, Theatre)

ARCH 014History Of Architecture I3
ART 002AHistory of Western Art I: Prehistoric To Medieval3
ART 002BHistory of Western Art II: Renaissance To Contemporary3
ART 002CHistory of Modern Art3
ART 003ABasic Design & Color3
ART 010Introduction To Art3
ART 012ASurvey of Asian Art3
ART 012BArt of Africa, Oceania, & Indigenous North America3
ART 012CArt of the Ancient Americas3
ART 033History of Photography3
DANC 010Introduction To Choreography2
DANC 015History Of Dance3
MUS 005History Of Rock 'n' Roll3
MUS 006History Of Film Music3
MUS 007History Of Musical Theatre3
MUS 010Introduction To Music3
MUS 011The History Of Jazz3
MUS 012Fundamentals Of Music3
RTV 006Introduction To Film3
RTV 008Contemporary World Film3
TA 001Introduction To Theatre3
TA 002Acting I3

C-2. Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Languages Other than English)

ASL 001Elementary American Sign Language I5
ASL 002Elementary American Sign Language II5
ASL 003Intermediate American Sign Language I4
ASL 004Intermediate American Sign Language II4
ENG 001BComposition & Literature3
ENG 002Argumentative Writing & Critical Thinkng Thru Literature4
ENG 010AAmerican Literature I3
ENG 010BAmerican Literature II3
ENG 011ASurvey Of English Literature3
ENG 001BComposition & Literature3
ENG 012AWorld Literature I3
ENG 012BWorld Literature II3
ENG 014Shakespeare3
ENG 015The Short Story3
ENG 017Women In Literature3
ENG 021Intro Latin American/Chicano Literature3
ENG 022Intro to African American Literature3
ENG 024Native American Literature3
ENG 025Introduction To The Novel3
ENG 031The Bible As Literature: Old Testament3
ENG 032The Bible As Literature: New Testament3
ENG 035Myth And Legend3
ENG 036Children's Literature3
FR 001Elementary French I5
FR 002Elementary French II5
FR 003Intermediate French I4
FR 004Intermediate French II4
GER 001Elementary German I5
GER 002Elementary German II5
HIST 003History Of World Civilization I (Fall 2012)3
HIST 004History Of World Civilization II (Fall 2012)3
HIST 017US History Through Reconstruction (Fall 2012)3
HIST 018US History/Reconstruction To Present (Fall 2012)3
HIST 021California History3
JPN 001Elementary Japanese I5
JPN 002Elementary Japanese II5
PHIL 006Introduction To Philosophy3
PHIL 007Ideas Of The Great Philosophers3
PHIL 012Religions Of The World3
PHIL 013Perspectives On Death & Dying3
PHIL 014Introduction To Ethics3
PHIL 017Philosophy Of Religion3
PHIL 018Philosophy Of Science3
SPAN 001Elementary Spanish I5
SPAN 002Elementary Spanish II5
SPAN 003Intermediate Spanish I4
SPAN 004Intermediate Spanish II4
SPAN 020Hispanic/Latino Culture & Civilization3

D. Social Sciences

Nine (9) units minimum, with courses taken in at least two disciplines. Note: The "American Institutions" requirement may be satisfied by taking either HIST 17 or 18, plus PS 1. AP Government credit does not count toward this requirement.

D-0. Sociology & Criminology

AJ 001Introduction To Criminal Justice3
SOC 001Introductory Sociology3
SOC 002Social Problems3
SOC 014Introduction To Race & Ethnicity3
SOC 015Mexican American Culture & Society3

D-1. Anthropology & Archaeology

ANTH 002Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 003Archaeology, Introduction to Prehistory3

D-2. Economics

ECON 001Principles Of Macroeconomics3
ECON 002Principles Of Microeconomics3
ECON 011International Economic Relations3
ECON 012Understanding Econ Principles & Applications3

D-3. Ethnic Studies

SOC 014Introduction To Race & Ethnicity3
SOC 015Mexican American Culture & Society3
SPAN 020Hispanic/Latino Culture & Civilization3

D-4. Gender Studies

PSY 010Psychological Aspects/Marriage & Family3
PSY 023Psychology Of Women3

D-5. Geography

GEOG 002Cultural Geography3
GEOG 007Regional Geography3
GEOG 010Geography Of California3

D-6. History

HIST 003History Of World Civilization I3
HIST 004History Of World Civilization II3
HIST 017US History Through Reconstruction3
HIST 018US History/Reconstruction To Present3
HIST 021California History3
HIST 023Latin American History3

D-7. Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral Science

COMM 017Intercultural Communication (formerly Speech 015)3
ECE 010Child Growth & Development (Fall 2011)3
ECE 012Child, Family & Community (Fall 2011)3
GS 010Global Studies3
GS 011Global Issues3
MC 001Introduction To Mass Media3
PSY 012Human Sexuality3

D-8. Political Science, Government, & Legal Institutions

PS 001Introduction To Government3
PS 002Introduction To Comparative Governments3
PS 003Introduction To Political Theory3
PS 004Introduction To International Relations3
PHIL 003Introduction To Political Theory3

D-9. Psychology

PSY 001General Psychology3
PSY 003Developmental Psychology3
PSY 020Adolescent Psychology3
PSY 023Psychology Of Women3
PSY 027Biological Psychology3
PSY 029Abnormal Psychology3
PSY 033Personal & Social Adjustment3

E. Lifelong Understanding & Self-Development

Three (3) units minimum

ART 028Portfolio Preparation3
COUN 012Career/Life Planning & Personal Exploration3
ECE 010Child Growth & Development (Fall 2011)3
ECE 012Child, Family & Community (Fall 2011)3
EDUC 001Introduction To Elementary Classroom Teaching3
HS 013General Nutrition3
HS 072Introduction To Health & Society4
HS 073Introduction To Public Health3
HSAD 001Introduction To Alcohol & Drug Studies (Fall 2015)3
KINE 006Women's Self Defense, Health & Fitness3
KINE 010Personal & Community Health3
KINE 011Men's Self Defense, Health & Fitness3
PHIL 013Perspectives On Death & Dying3
PSY 003Developmental Psychology3
PSY 007Positive Psychology (Fall 2014)3
PSY 010Psychological Aspects/Marriage & Family3
PSY 012Human Sexuality3
PSY 020Adolescent Psychology3
PSY 023Psychology Of Women3
PSY 033Personal & Social Adjustment3