Credit by Examination

In accordance with Title 5, section 55050, College of the Desert allows for the granting of units through credit by examination for a course. Credit by Exam is based on the principle that previous experience, training, or instruction is the equivalent of a specific course taught by the College. The faculty shall determine that the examination adequately measure mastery of the course content as set forth in the Course Outline of Record. The faculty may choose to accept an examination conducted at a location other than the community college for this purpose.

If an examination shows that the student possesses adequate equivalency and mastery of the subject, credit is granted. A student seeking credit by examination will receive a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, NP) and grade points in the same way as if enrolled in a regular course.

A student may challenge a course only once. Credit earned according to this policy shall not count toward determination of eligibility for veteran’s benefits. Credit by examination is possible in selected courses only. Exceptions to the above may be made when necessary to meet provisions of California state law or the rules and regulations of state agencies governing programs of the California Community Colleges. Credit by examination may be granted only to a student who

  • is currently enrolled in at least one course in the College,
  • is not on academic probation,
  • has submitted transcripts of all previous course work,
  • has not earned college credit in more advanced subject matter, and
  • has not received a grade (A, B, C, D, F, P, NP), or equivalent, in the course for which he or she is seeking credit by examination at this or any other educational institution.

Unit credit granted by examination to a student shall not count toward the minimum of 12 units required for College residency to earn a degree or certificate at COD. The 12 units College residency requirement is waived for high school students who have successfully completed a high school course that has been articulated with a COD course and have earned credit by Credit By Examination (CBE). Students interested in credit by examination will be required to submit a Credit by Examination form to the Admissions & Records Office to initiate the approval process. Prior to submitting the form, interested students should meet with a counselor or faculty advisor to discuss their eligibility for credit by examination. The signature of the appropriate Instructional Dean will also be required, prior to submitting the Credit by Examination form to the Admissions & Records Office. Payment of a nonrefundable fee is required prior to the submission of the Credit by Examination form (please check the Admissions & Records Office web page for current fees.) The request must be approved by the midpoint of the semester, and the examination must be given prior to the last day of the final examination period