Enrollment Procedures

Each student is responsible for his or her registration of classes and for attending classes. Furthermore, each student is responsible for following the rules and regulations in this catalog. The College is not liable if the student fails to read and understand the rules.

WebAdvisor is the secure online self-service access used by College of the Desert students. Students may access WebAdvisor via the MyCOD Student Portal to add and drop classes, pay fees, print class schedules and unofficial transcripts, and view their registration priorities and any restrictions on their accounts, as well as print unofficial degree/certificate evaluations and create a Student Educational Plan (SEP) based on their educational goals.

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is the official list of courses offered each semester. The College reserves the right to make additions or deletions to the list of course offerings during the year or to cancel those classes in which enrollment is insufficient or qualified instructors are unavailable.

Every class offered, unless otherwise stated in the official catalog and schedule of classes, is fully open to enrollment and participation by any person who meets the academic prerequisites  and/or corequisites of such class (subject to maximum enrollments) and who is otherwise eligible for admission to, and enrollment in, the College. Go to Catalogs & Schedules for the online schedule.

Adding & Dropping Courses

Students have the ability to adjust their class schedule as needed via WebAdvisor provided that they adhere to all registration deadlines as published each term in the Schedule of Classes. A change of a student’s class schedule can include the following: dropping a class, adding a class, adding or reducing units to a class for which the student is already registered, or changing sections of the same course.

Auditing a Class

In accordance with Education Code, section 76370 and COD Board Policy 4070, auditing is permitted.

  • No student will be allowed to register to audit a full term course prior to the last day to add full term classes.
  • Priority in class enrollment shall be given to students enrolling for credit towards a certificate or degree.
  • Permission to audit a course is granted with the signed permission of the instructor and the appropriate instructional dean on an Audit Course Form. The form is available at the Counseling Center and at the Admissions & Records Office, or online.
  • A completed Audit Course Form with required signatures must be submitted to Admissions & Records Office within 5 business days following the last day to add full term courses.
  • Concurrently enrolled high school students are not eligible to audit courses.
  • A fee of $15 per unit will be charged to audit a course. Payment is required prior to enrolling for audit.
  • Students enrolled in classes to receive credit for ten (10) or more semester credit units shall not be charged a fee to audit three (3) or fewer units per semester.
  • The California College Promise Grant (formerly known as BOG Fee Waiver) may not be applied to fees for courses being audited. The California College Promise Grant can only be applied towards courses being completed for credit only.
  • Students may not audit any course more than three (3) times.
  • Students enrolled as auditors shall not be permitted to change their enrollment in the course to receive credit.
  • Some labs may not be available to students who audit.

Withdrawals & Grade Responsibility

Students are expected to plan their schedule carefully with the aid and approval of an advisor and endeavor to maintain that schedule through the semester. Students should attend all classes in which they originally enrolled and are responsible to drop courses they have stopped attending via WebAdvisor.

A "W" grade is a part of a student’s permanent record and cannot be removed unless they are in accordance with state regulations, Title 5, sections 55024 and 58508. The state provides for alleviation of a "W" grade if the basis is due to an extraordinary circumstance or an allowable exclusion. The state defines:

Allowable Exclusions i.e., Military Withdrawal (called to duty).

Extraordinary Conditions - College and/or classes inaccessible due to natural disaster; student responding to certain events (flood, fire); or student had to evacuate home as a result of natural disaster events.

Students are held accountable for every course for which they have registered and are responsible for their own class schedule and any changes made via WebAdvisor. Although faculty may drop students for non-participation/non-attendance, students should not expect the faculty to drop them for non-participation/non-attendance. If a student fails to drop or withdraw from a course by the established deadlines, the student may receive an “FW” grade for that course. To assure transactions are correct, College of the Desert recommends that students print out a class schedule after completing registration and/or after adding or dropping a course.

The designated student grade responsibility date shall occur at the 75 percent point of a semester or session. Students who do not withdraw by the deadline indicated in the class schedule will receive a grade of A, B, C, D, EW, F, FW, P, or NP. All grades become a part of the student’s permanent record.

Conditions for Petition to Withdraw

Extenuating circumstance petitions to withdraw from a class after the grade responsibility date must be presented within two years from the time the grade was assigned.

Effective Fall 2009, only students who have received a "FW" grade are eligible to petition for a withdrawal (W) or excused withdrawal (EW) . Students who have verifiable extenuating circumstances may petition for an exception to withdraw from a class once the grade is recorded. The student may petition for authorization to receive a withdrawal (W) or excused withdrawal (EW) in the following manner:

  • A formal petition must be submitted through the MyCOD Portal by the student.
  • Proof of the extenuating circumstances being cited as reasons for withdrawal, or unsuccessful course completion, must be submitted.
  • The instructor of each course in question must be consulted. In the event the instructor of record cannot be contacted, or is unavailable, the appropriate Instructional Dean will act on his or her behalf. College of the Desert defines extenuating circumstances as serious and compelling reasons, which are limited to the following:
    • Illness, hospitalization, or medical reasons    
    • Employment
    • Relocation
    • Illness or death of a family member or loved one
    • Incarceration