Arts Entrepreneurship in Ceramics Certificate of Achievement

Provide students and the community with the opportunity to develop and pair their artistic skill set in a specific medium with essential business skills to become the driving force of their own careers in the arts. This is a focus on ceramics.

This certificate focuses on starting and managing a visual arts business for students to represent and sell their artwork while developing their skill set in ceramics. It will serve the needs of students looking to start or further develop an independent arts business.

In completing the certificate students will:

  • Demonstrate competence in the technical skills in ceramics.
  • Produce a professional physical and digital art portfolio.
  • Develop the basic entrepreneurial skills in marketing, self-promotion, and business planning.
Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
ART 007Ceramics3
BUMA 028Introduction To Entrepreneurship3
BUMA 027Marketing3
DDP 195Business Practices and Portfolio Preparation for Creatives3
Select 3 units from below:
DDP 116Social Media Design3
BUMA 026Social Media Marketing3
CIS 082CFront End Web Development3
Art Concentrated Electives
Select 6 units from below:
ART 007BIntermediate Ceramics3
ART 020ABeginning Ceramic Sculpture3
ART 020BIntermediate Ceramic Sculpture3
ART 004Three-Dimensional Design3
Total Units 21