Student Responsibilities

It is important that students attend the first class meeting of each course in which they are enrolled, whether or not it is designated as a lecture or a lab. Faculty may drop students who do not appear in the first lecture or lab session. The primary responsibility for class attendance and course schedule rests with the student. Consequently, students must process all adds or drops to their course schedules and are held responsible for updating their own enrollment records. To be officially recorded, adds and drops must be submitted electronically by the appropriate deadlines (check deadline dates in the Schedule of Classes or online by viewing section detail). Students are expected to attend all sessions of a course in which they are enrolled. Anticipated absences should be reported to instructors in advance in order to complete assigned work by due dates. All other absences should be reported to instructors immediately upon returning to class and any missed coursework should be made up. If an emergency requires a long absence and the instructor cannot be reached, students should contact the appropriate instructional dean or designee. Students are held financially accountable for every course in which they are registered and are responsible for their own class schedule and any changes.

Faculty Responsibilities

Prior to census (20% of the class), a faculty member may drop a student for “no show” (students who registered, but never attended class), when a student does not attend the first class session. At census, in accordance with Title 5, section 58004, instructors must drop any student identified as a no show. Instructors shall clear their rolls of inactive students not later than the end of the last business day before the census day for all students.  An instructor may elect to drop inactive students.

"Inactive students" include:

  1. Students identified as no-shows,
  2. Students who officially withdraw,
  3. Students who have excessive absences, normally defined as more than the number of times the class meets per week,
  4. Students who are no longer participating in the courses and are therefore dropped by the instructor.

The instructor has the responsibility for maintaining accurate attendance records in accordance with established procedures.