Career & Technical Education

College of the Desert offers Career & Technical Education (CTE) in over 30 separate program areas. Students have the ability to complete Associate Degrees, Certificates or single courses in specific subjects depending upon their educational or workforce preparation needs. Courses are run in a variety of formats including lecture, lab, online and performance-based learning. At COD, CTE is both an educational strategy in its own right and the cornerstone of the College’s workforce development efforts. As an educational strategy, it inspires and facilitates learning and, unlike traditional vocational education, aims to prepare students for ongoing education, long-term careers, and citizenship, as well as entry into the workplace. With its focus on rigorous and relevant content, experiential learning, career awareness, supportive relationships, and demonstrated outcomes, CTE can provide a context for academic coursework and set the standard for the kind of challenging, engaging, student-centered instruction that is required for students of all ages to succeed. CTE programs are for students who desire transfer to four-year universities as well as those wishing to enter the workforce or build new technical skills.

As the foundation for workforce development and economic vitality in the state, CTE responds to the needs of the economy — with regard to both industry focus and skills taught. To further address its dual purpose, CTE is designed to provide seamless pathways that bridge secondary and postsecondary education, enabling students to develop skills required in the workplace while pursuing their personal aspirations. COD has the ability to offer education through credit, noncredit and not-for-credit depending upon the needs of the individual or organization.