Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts is designed for students who wish a broad knowledge of liberal arts and sciences plus additional coursework in an "Area of Emphasis." This area of emphasis would be an ideal choice for students planning on transferring to the California State University or University of California as the student can satisfy their general education requirements, plus focus on transferable course work that relates to majors at CSU or UC. Please consult with a counselor for specific information regarding your intended major or the specific colleges/university of your choice. For more information please contact the COD Counseling Center at (760) 773-2520.

  • Choose either the California State University General Education Certification or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum for the General Education pattern related to your educational goal;
  • Complete 18 units in one "Area of Emphasis" from those outlined below. (Note: Where appropriate, courses in the "area of emphasis" may also be counted for a GE area; see a counselor for appropriate course selection.)
  • For All Options: complete necessary College of the Desert Graduation and Proficiency requirements.
  • All courses listed under Liberal Arts transfer to CSU. Refer to for transfer details or see a counselor or faculty advisor for additional details.

Counseling Faculty:

Basil Augustine
(760) 773-2524

Scott Cooper
(760) 776-7453

Veronica Daut 
(760) 773-2587

Khanh Hoang
(760) 776-7424

Jenna Huntzinger
(760) 776-7252

Maria Jasso    
(760) 773-2593

Elise King    
(760) 862-1360

Monica Lopez    
(760) 674-7628

Lisa McFadden    
(760) 776-7499

Angel Meraz    
(760) 568-7519

Frank Ramirez
(760) 568-7519

Fred Sangiorgio    
(760) 776-7345

Christine Schaefer    
(760) 568-3188

Jose Simo    
(760) 776-7356

Ana Stockwell    
(760) 776-7380

Christopher V. Williams    
(760) 674-7842

Mariana Zepeda    
(760) 423-6636