EDGE - Engage. Develop. Grow. Empower.

EDGE is a 3-week program that offers a fast-paced review of basic skills in Math and/or English along with student development workshops. EDGE provides college students with a full range of experiences to "Engage, Develop, Grow, and [be] Empowered." Students who participate and successfully complete the EDGE program are able to take advantage of many opportunities, including:

  • Math and/or Writing/Reading Review
  • Priority Registration
  • Access to Textbooks and Computers during participation in EDGE
  • Convenient, Fast-Paced Curriculum
  • Dedicated Faculty, Counselors, and Staff
  • College Student Success Strategies
  • Assistance with Financial Aid Applications and Financial Literacy Exposure
  • A chance to place into higher level classes, saving time and money to pursue a college degree!

For additional information about EDGE, please email or call (760) 636-7970.