All fees must be paid within the time frame allotted to avoid a drop for non-payment. Please refer to the College website for current fees.

  1. Enrollment Fees for Resident Students: Fees are listed on the College website for each semester or intersession.
  2. Tuition Fee for Out-of-State Residents (Non-Residents):  A tuition fee, based on that of a contiguous district, as permitted by Education Code, section 76140, is charged to all students who have not been legal residents of California for one full year. See College website for the current fee. Questions relating to the establishment of California residency should be directed to the Admissions & Records Office. 
    Exemption of Non-Resident Fees: Under California law, waivers of the non-resident portion of tuition and enrollment fees may be granted to the following:
    1. Members of the military who are on active duty assigned to California, their spouses, and their dependent children. 
    2. Students who have attended high school in California for three years or more, and will have earned a diploma or the equivalent before classes begin. This includes undocumented aliens and all others who meet the criteria even if they have established residency in another state subsequent to graduation from a California high school. 
      Documentation is required for both categories. Please contact the Admissions & Records Office for specific information 
  3. Tuition Fee for Foreign Students: Foreign students will be charged the same fee as Out-of-State Residents, which includes in-state California fees, computed as stated in section 2 above. See College website for the current fee.
  4. Capital Outlay Fee: In addition to the non-resident fee computed as specified above, foreign and non-resident students will be charged an amount not to exceed the amount that was expended by the District for capital outlay in the preceding year, divided by the total full-time equivalent students.  See the Schedule of Classes for the current fee.
  5. Credit by Examination Fee: A non-refundable application fee, equal to the State mandated enrollment fee, is charged for Credit by Examination. Please check the Admissions & Records Office webpage for current fees. 
  6. Duplicate Diploma/Certificate Fee: A fee is charged for a duplicate diploma/certificate. Please check the Admissions & Records Office webpage for current fees.
  7. Enrollment Verification Fee: Students requesting enrollment verification pay a nominal fee. Enrollment verifications are obtained by completing an online request form. Enrollment verifications requested for the purpose of student loan deferment are fee exempt. Additional information is available on the Admissions & Records Office webpage.
  8. Health Fee: Assembly Bill No. 2236, passed by the California State Legislature, and under authority of Education Code, section 76355 authorizes College of the Desert to charge a Health Fee for the operation of a Student Health Center. Exempted students include:
    1. All active duty military personnel attending classes on a military base and their dependents.
    2. Apprentice students. 
    3. All students who depend exclusively on prayer for healing in accordance with a bonafide religious sect.
  9. Health Occupations Programs: College policy requires each student enrolled in Health Occupations programs which require patient contact for the development of specific skills to secure insurance coverage against liability for malpractice.
  10. Instructional Materials Fee: Students may be required to provide required instructional and other materials for a credit or noncredit course, provided such materials are of continuing value to the student outside the classroom and provided that such materials are not solely or exclusively available from the District.
  11. International Student Insurance: International students enrolled at COD or in the Intensive English Academy, apart from those enrolled through university partnerships, must purchase the COD international student health insurance plan. Information regarding benefits and costs of the COD international student health insurance plan are available in the International Education Program Office.
  12. International Student Processing Fee: The College shall charge a student who is both a citizen and a resident of a foreign country a fee to process his or her application for admission. This processing fee and regulations for determining economic hardship may be established by the Superintendent/President. The fee shall not exceed the lesser of (1) the actual cost of processing an application and other documentation required by the U.S. government; or (2) one hundred dollars ($100), which shall be deducted from the tuition fee at the time of enrollment.
  13. Transportation Fee: A fee is charged to students, which includes the cost for parking permits. A valid permit must be displayed to park on campus. There is a charge for replacement of parking permits. Citations are assessed for violation of parking regulations.
  14. Refund Processing Fee: A fee is charged for the processing of a refund. Please check the Bursar's Office webpage for additional information.
  15. Student Center Fee: Approved by student vote in accordance with Education Code, section 79121, for the purpose of refinancing, constructing, enlarging, remodeling, refurbishing, and operating a student center.
  16. Student Representative Fee:  Assembly Bill (AB) 1504 was approved by Governor Gavin Newson on October 4, 2019. AB 1504, also known as the student representation fee, requires that all California Community Colleges charge a $2 student representation fee at the time of registration, starting on January 1, 2020.  Per law, our institution will charge a $2 student representation fee every term you plan to enroll at College of the Desert. 
    1. As part of the $2 student representation fee, College of the Desert will keep $1 from each fee collected for the operation of our student government.  Revenue generated will be used to support student government representatives who may be stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county and district government, and before offices and agencies of the state and federal government. 
    2. College of the Desert will send $1 of each fee collected to the Chancellors office to help with costs associated with running a statewide community college student organization.   The fee will add supporting student participation and engagement in statewide higher education policy and advocacy activities to the required goals of the statewide community college student organization. 
    3. If you choose to opt-out of the fee, you will be given an opportunity to do so without providing a reason at registration. 
  17. Transcript Fee: An official transcript of a student’s record is obtained by completing the Transcript Request online. Sealed transcripts sent directly from the College to the destination requested by the student are considered official unless unsealed. There is no charge for the first two official transcripts provided a student orders the transcripts through the Admissions & Records Office (allow minimum of 21 working days). Additionally, a student may receive an official transcript same day by paying a $25.00 fee at the Bursar’s Office and then taking the receipt to the Admissions & Records Office.

Please Note

All fees are subject to change according to changes in the California Educational Code and the State Legislature.

All information relative to enrollment fees and health fees is subject to change as mandated by the California Community College Board of Governors and California law.

Accident Insurance

The Health Fee entitles students to accident insurance. This policy covers accidents on campus or campus-related activities only. Athletes engaged in interscholastic sports have separate coverage.

Medical Insurance

Students may voluntarily purchase supplementary health insurance to cover sickness and hospitalization at minimum cost. This insurance is required for all foreign students each semester.