College Responsibilities Include

  1. Providing an admissions and records process that will enable the College to collect state-required demographic information that will be used as a basis for providing students with appropriate services.
  2. Facilitating a student self-guided placement process that uses multiple measures to determine academic readiness in English, reading, and math.
  3. Providing an orientation process designed to acquaint students with college programs and services, facilities and grounds, academic expectations, and College policies and procedures.
  4. Providing counseling and advisement services to assist students in course selection, development of an Abbreviated Student Education Plan (SEP) prior to enrolling the first time, and the development of a Comprehensive SEP. Providing follow-up advisement and counseling services to all students with a particular focus on students who have not declared an educational goal, are enrolled in basic skills courses, are on academic or progress probation/disqualification, or have been identified as high-risk students.
  5. Establishing a process to monitor student progress and provide the necessary assistance toward meeting the student’s goals.

As part of the State of California Title 5 Regulations, all students are expected to participate in the activities to promote success unless they are exempt (see Exemptions section on "How do I enroll in courses at COD?").