Student Responsibilities Include

  1. Participating in placement, orientation, and counseling/advisement services and other follow-up services deemed necessary by the College in order to complete their stated educational goal.
  2. Acquiring and reading the College catalog, schedule of classes, handouts, and other student materials that detail College policies and procedures.
  3. Submitting unofficial transcripts for all high schools and/or colleges attended to their counselor/advisor if the student would like prior coursework to be utilized for course placements.
  4. Submitting official transcripts to the Admissions & Records Office if the student is requesting official course credit for prior coursework. All official transcripts submitted to Admissions & Records Office become the property of College of the Desert.
  5. Stating an educational goal at the time of registration and a specific informed educational goal after completion of 15 units.
  6. Completing an online individual Student Education Plan (SEP) with the assistance of a counselor or advisor.
  7. Attending all classes and completing all course assignments.
  8. Completing courses and maintaining progress toward their stated goals.