Liberal Arts AA Degree with Emphasis in Business and Technology

These courses emphasize the integration of theory and practice within the fields of business and technology. Students will develop the ability to effectively manage and lead organizations. Students will demonstrate an understanding of the place of business and technology within the global economy. Students will critically apply ethical standards to business practices and decisions.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
Select one of the following:37-39
Counselor Approval Required: COD General Education Pattern which must include a transferable Math/Quantitative Reasoning Course. This option is not appropriate for transfer to all colleges or universities.
Area of Emphasis18
(18 units required from courses listed below with at least 2 or more courses from 1 discipline)
BUAC 003Accounting for Government & Non-Profit3
BUAC 004Income Tax - Individuals3
BUAC 004AIncome Tax - Individuals / CTEC4
BUAC 005Income Tax - Corporations / Partnerships / Estates / Trusts3
BUAC 010Accounting with QuickBooks3
BUAC 020AFinancial Accounting 14
BUAC 020BManagerial Accounting 14
BUFI 012Money Management & Planning for the Future3
BUFI 013Investment Opportunities3
BUHM 050Introduction to the Hospitality Industry3
BUHM 051Introduction to Food and Beverage Management3
BUHM 0633
BUMA 001Principles of Management3
BUMA 003Business Statistics3
BUMA 010Introduction to Business 13
BUMA 020ABusiness Law I 13
BUMA 015Business Communication for Transfer3
BUMA 027Marketing3
BUMA 028Introduction To Entrepreneurship3
BUMA 029Retail Merchandise Management3
BUMA 032Human Relations in the Workplace3
BUMA 064Human Resource Management3
CIS 010Computer Literacy 14
CIS 030Introduction to Linux Operating System3
CIS 040Information & Communication Technology Essentials4
CIS 053Computer Networks and Security3
CIS 054Routing and Switching Essentials3
CIS 055Systems and Network Administration3
CIS 060Information Systems Security3
CIS 064Intro to Ethical Hacking3
CIS 065Computer Forensics Fundamentals3
CIS 080Database Management Systems3
CIS 082CFront End Web Development3
CIS 085CDynamic Website Design3
CIS 086Visual Basic Programming 13
CIS 087Introduction to Programming Using Python3
CIS 088Introduction To Programming Using Java3
ECON 001Principles of Macroeconomics 13
ECON 002Principles of Microeconomics 13
ECON 011International Economics 13
ECON 012Understanding Econ Principles & Applications3
MATH 009Business Calculus4
MATH 010College Algebra 24
MATH 014Statistical Methods 24
PHIL 014Introduction to Ethics 13
PS 004Introduction to International Relations 13
SOC 003Fundamentals of Statistics 23
(Courses selected can be used to also fulfill GE area, see a counselor for appropriate course selection; all courses transfer to CSU)
Transferable Electives (as needed to reach 60 transferable units)
Kinesiology Activities2

courses also transfer to UC


indicates that transfer credit is limited depending on UC