Liberal Arts AA Degree with Emphasis in Arts, Humanities, and Communications

These courses emphasize the study of cultural, literary, humanistic activities and artistic expression of human beings. Students will evaluate and interpret the ways in which people through the ages in different cultures have responded to themselves and the world around them in artistic and cultural creation. Students will also learn to value aesthetic understanding and incorporate these concepts when constructing value judgments.

Required CoursesUnits
Select one of the following:37-39
Area of Emphasis18
(18 units required from courses listed below with at least 2 or more courses from 1 discipline)
History of Architecture I 1
History of Western Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval 1
History of Western Art II: Renaissance to Contemporary 1
History of Modern Art 1
Basic Design & Color 1
Introduction to Art 1
Survey of Asian Art 1
Art of Africa, Oceania, & Indigenous North America 1
Art of the Ancient Americas 1
History of Photography 1
Elementary American Sign Language I 1
Elementary American Sign Language II 1
Intermediate American Sign Language I 1
Intermediate American Sign Language II 1
Introduction to Public Speaking 1
Intro to Interpersonal Communication 1
Small Group Communication 1
Intercultural Communication 1
Argumentation and Debate 1
Introduction to Choreography 1
History of Dance 1
Composition 1
Composition & Literature 1
Argumentative Writing & Critical Thinking thru Literature 1
Creative Writing 1
Advanced Creative Writing 1
American Literature I 1
American Literature II 1
Survey of English Literature 1
Survey of English Literature 1
World Literature I 1
World Literature II 1
Shakespeare 1
The Short Story 1
Women in Literature 1
Intro Latin American/Chicano Literature 1
Intro to African American Literature 1
Native American Literature 1
Introduction to the Novel 1
Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender/Queer Literature 1
The Bible as Literature: Old Testament 1
The Bible as Literature: New Testament 1
Myth and Legend 1
Children's Literature 1
Elementary French I 1
Elementary French II 1
Intermediate French I 1
Intermediate French II 1
Elementary German I 1
Elementary German II 1
History of World Civilization I 1
History of World Civilization II 1
US History through Reconstruction 1
US History from Reconstruction to Present 1
California History 1
Latin American History 1
Elementary Japanese I 1
Elementary Japanese II 1
Introduction to Mass Media 1
Introduction to Public Relations
History of Rock 'n' Roll 1
History of Film Music 1
History of Musical Theatre 1
Introduction to Music 1
The History of Jazz 1
Fundamentals of Music 1
Introduction to Philosophy 1
Ideas of the Great Philosophers 1
General Logic 1
Religions of the World 1
Perspectives on Death & Dying 1
Introduction to Ethics 1
Philosophy of Religion 1
Philosophy of Science 1
Introduction to Film 1
Contemporary World Film 1
Sociological Analysis& Critical Thinking 1
Elementary Spanish I 1
Elementary Spanish II 1
Intermediate Spanish I 1
Intermediate Spanish II 1
Hispanic/Latino Culture & Civilization 1
Introduction to Theatre 1
Acting I 1
Acting II 1
Script Analysis 1
(Courses selected can be used to also fulfill GE area, see a counselor for appropriate course selection; all courses transfer to CSU)
Transferable Electives (as needed to reach 60 transferable units)
Kinesiology Activities2