Liberal Arts AA Degree with Emphasis in Math and Science

These courses emphasize the natural sciences which examine the physical universe, its life forms and its natural phenomena.  Courses in Math emphasize the development of mathematical and quantitative reasoning skills beyond the level of intermediate algebra.  Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the methodologies of science as investigative tools.  Students will also examine the influence that the acquisition of scientific knowledge has on the development of the world’s civilizations.

Required CoursesUnits
Select one of the following:37-39
Area of Emphasis18
(18 units required from courses listed below with 2 or more courses in science and 2 or more courses in math)
Descriptive Astronomy Lab 1
Descriptive Astronomy 1
Horticulture 1
Horticulture Laboratory 1
Entomology - General & Applied 1
Plant Science 1
Plant Science Lab 1
Introduction to Physical Anthropology 1
Elements of Biology 2
Molecular and Cell Biology 1
Biology of Organisms 1
Biology of Mammals 1
Biology of Viruses 1
Human Anatomy and Physiology I 1
Human Anatomy and Physiology II 1
General Microbiology 1
General Chemistry I 1
General Chemistry II 1
Introductory General Chemistry 2
Fundamentals of Chemistry 1
Bio-organic Chemistry 1
Organic Chemistry I 1
Organic Chemistry II 1
Computer Science I 1
Computer Science II 1
Computer Architecture and Organization 1
Data Structures and Algorithms 1
Electric Circuits for Engineering & Science 1
Introduction to Engineering 1
Statics 1
Dynamics 1
Materials Science 1
Physical Geology 1
Environmental Geology 1
The Earth Sciences 1
Introduction to Oceanography 1
Introduction to Oceanography Lab 1
Introduction to Environmental Sciences 1
Physical Geography 1
Physical Geography Lab 1
Calculus 1
Calculus 1
Multivariate Calculus 1
Linear Algebra 1
Ordinary Differential Equations 1
Trigonometry 1
College Algebra 2
Math Concepts for Elementary School Teachers - Number Systems 1
Pre-calculus 2
Liberal Arts Math 1
Statistical Methods 2
Discrete Mathematics for Computers 1
Conservation of Natural Resources 1
Conservation of Natural Resources Lab 1
Introductory Physics 2
College Physics I 2
College Physics II 2
Engineering Physics 2
Engineering Physics 2
Engineering Physics 2
Electric Circuits for Engineering & Science 1
Statics 1
Dynamics 1
Introduction to Meteorology 1
Fundamentals of Statistics 2
Courses selected can be used to also fulfill GE area, see a counselor for appropriate course selection; all courses transfer to CSU
Transferable Electives (as needed to reach 60 transferable units)
Kinesiology Activities2