Basic Skills Course Limitation

Basic skills or pre-collegiate courses are designed to prepare students for college-level work. Students may be recommended to enroll in certain basic skills courses if the placement process indicates they will benefit by this special preparation for college-level courses. A total of 30 units are allowed. Any student who completes a total of 30 units in any combination will be notified and referred to a counselor for educational planning or exceptions to the limits. Basic skills courses may not be used to satisfy general education requirements for an associate degree. Exceptions to the basic skills limitations are: students enrolled in one or more courses of ESL, or students identified by the District as having a learning disability as defined in Title 5, section 56036.

Students who are financial aid recipients are reminded that only 30 units of remedial course work are excluded from the established unit limit for financial aid eligibility. Please check the Financial Aid Office webpage for further details on courses excluded from remediation.