Courses Related in Content

Many Art, Kinesiology, and Performing Arts courses have enrollment limitations. Active participatory courses that share a similar educational objective are grouped together as a “family” of courses related in content. Students are allowed four enrollments within each “family”, but each course in the “family” is limited to one enrollment unless it has been designated as repeatable, per Title 5, Section 55040 (c), California Code of Regulations:

"The policies and procedures adopted by the governing board of each community college district pursuant to subdivision (a) may not permit student enrollment in active participatory courses, as defined in section 55000, in physical education/kinesiology, visual arts, or performing arts that are related in content, more than four times for semester courses." This limitation applies even if a student receives a substandard grade or “W” during one or more of the enrollments in such a course or petitions for repetition due to extenuating circumstances as provided in Title 5, section 55045.