Liberal Arts AA Degree with Emphasis in Social and Behavioral Sciences

These courses emphasize the perspective, concepts, theories and methodologies typically found in the vast variety of disciplines that comprise study in the Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Students will study about themselves and others as members of a larger society.  Topics of discussion will stimulate critical thinking about ways people have acted in response to their societies and will allow students to evaluate how societies and social subgroups operate.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
Select one of the following:37-39
Counselor Approval Required: COD General Education Pattern which must include a transferable Math/Quantitative Reasoning Course. This option is not appropriate for transfer to all colleges or universities.
Area of Emphasis18
(18 units required from courses listed below with at least 2 or more courses from 1 discipline)
ANTH 002Cultural Anthropology 13
ANTH 003Archaeology, Introduction to Prehistory 13
ANTH 007Anthropology of Religion, Magic, Witchcraft, and Healing3
CDE 101Child Growth & Development3
CDE 102Child, Family, & Community3
CDE 228Child Maltreatment, Intervention, & Prevention3
CJ 001Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 005Racial Issues and the Police3
CJ 020Introduction to Social Justice Studies3
COMM 017Intercultural Communication 13
ECON 001Principles of Macroeconomics 13
ECON 002Principles of Microeconomics 13
ECON 011International Economics 13
ECON 012Understanding Econ Principles & Applications 13
ETHN 001Introduction to Ethnic Studies3
ETHN 002Introduction to Chicanx & Latinx Studies3
ETHN 003Introduction to Black Studies3
ETHN 004Introduction to Native American Studies3
ETHN 005Introduction to Asian American Studies3
GEOG 002Cultural Geography 13
GEOG 007Regional Geography 13
GEOG 010Geography of California 13
GS 010Global Studies 13
GS 011Global Issues 13
HIST 003History of World Civilization I 13
HIST 004History of World Civilization II 13
HIST 005History of Western Civilization I 13
HIST 006History of Western Civilization II 13
HIST 017US History through Reconstruction 13
HIST 018US History from Reconstruction to Present 13
HIST 021California History 13
HIST 023Latin American History 13
HIST 050American Popular Culture 13
MC 001Introduction to Mass Media 13
MATH 014Statistical Methods 24
PHIL 003Introduction to Political Theory3
PHIL 012Religions of the World 13
PHIL 013Perspectives on Death & Dying 13
PHIL 014Introduction to Ethics3
PHIL 017Philosophy of Religion3
PS 001Introduction to Government 13
PS 002Introduction to Comparative Governments 13
PS 003Introduction to Political Theory 13
PS 004Introduction to International Relations 13
PSY 001General Psychology 13
PSY 003Developmental Psychology 13
PSY 007Positive Psychology 13
PSY 009Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination3
PSY 010Psychological Aspects/Marriage & Family3
PSY 012Human Sexuality 13
PSY 020Adolescent Psychology 13
PSY 023Psychology of Women and Gender 13
PSY 025Intro to Research Methods for Soc Sciences 13
PSY 027Biological Psychology 13
PSY 029Abnormal Psychology 13
PSY 030Social Psychology3
PSY 033Personal & Social Adjustment3
SOC 001Introductory Sociology 13
SOC 002Social Problems 13
SOC 003Fundamentals of Statistics 23
SOC 005Sociology of Gender and Sexuality3
SOC 006Introduction to Criminology3
SOC 014Introduction to Race & Ethnicity 13
SOC 015Mexican American Culture & Society 13
SPAN 020Hispanic/Latino Culture & Civilization 13
SPAN 022Spanish for Heritage Speakers II5
(Courses selected can be used to also fulfill GE area, see a counselor for appropriate course selection; all courses transfer to CSU)
Transferable Electives (as needed to reach 60 transferable units)
Kinesiology Activities2

courses also transfer to UC


indicates that transfer credit is limited depending on UC