Academic Skills Center (ASC)

ASC 300  Supervised Tutoring   Units: 0

Supervised Tutoring is an open entry/open exit environment where COD students with learning needs in academic subjects receive drop-in tutoring, small group instruction, and computer assisted or mediated instruction that supplements classroom instruction. Registration may be completed in the Tutoring and Academic Skills Center. The course is inclusive of discipline areas including, but not limited to, writing, English as a Second Language, foreign languages, math, sciences, and general tutoring.
Noncredit Hours: 96                                        Repeatable: Yes
Grading: Pass/No Pass
Prerequisite: None
Advisory: None
Limitation on enrollment: None
Transfer Status: None                 Degree Applicable: NONC
COD GE: None                 CSU GE: None                 IGETC: None