Work Experience, General (WEG)

WEG 095A  Work Experience, General   Units: 1-6

This work experience course of supervised employment assists students in acquiring desirable work habits, attitudes, and skills to enable them to become productive employees. This course also provides students with career awareness for jobs. Credit may be accrued at the rate of one to six units per semester for a maximum of sixteen units (for a combined total of all Work Experience units). Additionally, students must work 75 paid hours or 60 non-paid hours per unit earned. This type of work experience is available to students whose job and education or occupational goals are directly related to their educational or occupational goals.
Lecture Hours: None         Lab Hours: 450          Repeatable: Yes
Grading: Letter
Prerequisite: None
Advisory: None
Limitation on enrollment: None
Transfer Status: CSU                 Degree Applicable: AA/AS
COD GE: None                 CSU GE: None                 IGETC: None