Sunline Student Bus Pass

SunLine Transit Agency has its Haul Pass program providing free unlimited SunBus rides for students actively enrolled in College of the Desert (COD). To be eligible, students must be actively enrolled at COD. Students will utilize their active student ID card by swiping them through the SunBus card reader on the fare box. Should a student require assistance, the bus operators can help.  In addition to transportation to and from College of the Desert, the Haul Pass program allows students to use their active student ID cards to make unlimited local fixed route transit trips any day of the week as well as transfers on the SunBus. Free fare for college students excludes the SunDial paratransit service and the Commuter Link 220.

SunLine can assist with trip planning over the phone or SunLine also offers free group training as well as one-on-one travel training for anyone who is new to transit or needs assistance. Sunline’s SunBus Tracker App, along with, are other resources that can be helpful trip planners providing trip/route information.