Hospitality Management AS Degree (employment preparation)

Hospitality Management is the study of different aspects of management and leadership as they relate to the hospitality industry. Included in the hospitality industry are such sectors as hotels, restaurants, travel services, gaming and entertainment, recreation, managed services, and special events. The Associate of Science in Hospitality Management for Employment Preparation will allow graduates of the program to compete for entry level and sometimes mid-level management positions, such as Reservations Manager, Executive Housekeeper, Catering Sales Manager, and Sous Chef. Students who wish to pursue education beyond the AS Degree for Employment Preparation should consider the Hospitality AA Degree and Transfer Preparation. 

Even students who choose not to major in hospitality management find that course work in the field can improve their ability to think critically and solve complex problems, be more aware of the personal abilities/skills and simply manage more effectively.

Required Courses:Units
BUHM 050Introduction to the Hospitality Industry3
BUHM 063Hotel & Restaurant Operations3
CART 003Principles of Cooking5
BUHM 095AHotel & Restaurant Management Work Experience (Maximum of 3 units may be used for work experience)1-3
General Business Management Courses:15-16
BUMA 001Principles of Management3
BUMA 020ABusiness Law I3
BUMA 027Marketing3
BUMA 032Human Relations in the Workplace3
BUMA 094Business Communications3
or COMM 001 Introduction to Public Speaking
or ENG 001A Composition
Accounting/Financial Courses:3
BUAC 066Fundamentals of Bookkeeping3
Office Technology Courses - choose 1 from among 3 courses:2-4
CIS 005Computer Survival Skills2
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
CIS 012Professional Office Procedures3
Required Subtotal32-37
Electives (with Advisor approval)8
COD General Education Pattern18