ECE: Master Teacher Certificate of Achievement

and preparation for State Permit

Early Childhood Education (ECE) is the study of child development and developmentally appropriate practices for young children. Students completing the Early Childhood Education Master Teacher Certificate will be prepared for positions such as mentor teachers, curriculum specialists, and leaders in early care and education programs.

A Master Teacher certificate enables the holder to serve as a lead teacher in a Head Start or State Preschool Program. Master Teachers can supervise teachers, student teachers and interns.

Required CoursesUnits
ECE 001Principles & Practices of Teaching3
ECE 010Child Growth & Development3
ECE 012Child, Family & Community3
ECE 023The Mentor Teacher/Adult Supervision2
ECE 031Child Maltreatment, Intervention, & Prevention3
ECE 040Introduction to Curriculum3
ECE 044Health, Safety & Nutrition3
ECE 045Teaching in a Diverse Society3
ECE 046BObservation and Assessment3
ECE 047APracticum in Early Childhood Education3
ENG 001AComposition4
ECE Emphasis Courses
Select one group from the following:6
Infant/Toddler Education:
Infant/Toddler Growth & Development
and Infant/Toddler Curriculum
Early Childhood Special Education:
Inclusion of Children w/ Special Needs in ECE Settings
and Curriculum & Strategies - Children with Special Needs
Early Childhood Curriculum:
Creativity in Young Children
and Music for Young Children
Language Acquisition & Development:
Children's Language & Literature
and English Language Learners in ECE
Social Development:
Social Cognition & the Developing Brain
and ECE Global Diplomacy Practicum
Required Subtotal39
COD General Education Subtotal (12 units from the following areas: Social Sciences, Humanities, Math or Science)12

Note: State of California also requires 350 days of experience working in a child care program to apply for a Master Teacher Permit.