Associate of Science Degree in Engineering

Fundamentals Core Courses for Engineering MajorUnits
ENGR 009Introduction To Engineering3
ENGR 006AElectric Circuits/Engineering & Science4
or PH 006A Electric Circuits For Engineering & Science
MATH 001ACalculus4
MATH 001BCalculus4
MATH 002AMultivariate Calculus4
MATH 002COrdinary Differential Equations4
PH 003AEngineering Physics4
PH 003BEngineering Physics4
Required Courses for Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing18-19
CH 001AGeneral Chemistry I5
CS 007AComputer Science I4
DRA 002AutoCAD4
or DRA 011 Intro To Sketchup & Revit
ENGR 011Statics3
or PH 011 Statics
ENGR 013Materials Science3
Required Courses for Electrical9
CH 001AGeneral Chemistry I5
CS 007AComputer Science I4
Required Courses for Computer/Software12
CS 007AComputer Science I4
CS 007BComputer Science II4
MATH 015Discrete Mathematics for Computers4
or MATH 002B Linear Algebra
Required Subtotal40-50
Select one of the following: 137-39
Kinesiology Activities2