Alcohol and Drug Studies Certificate of Achievement

The Certificate of Achievement is designed to provide students with skills necessary for employment as supervised chemical dependency counselors, as well as advancement toward the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP and CAADE certification). Students earning the certificate may also choose to continue their study toward an Associate of Arts degree in the field. Past recipients of the COD Certificate of Achievement in Alcohol and Drug Studies have obtained positions as supervised chemical dependency counselors, locally and throughout California.

All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better. In addition, students will be required to have 75% attendance in these courses.

Required CoursesUnits
HSAD 001Introduction To Alcohol & Drug Studies3
(HSAD 001, corequisite for HSAD 004, 020, 024, 030, 034 and 036)
HSAD 002Intro To Human Services Counseling3
HSAD 004Personal & Professional Growth2
HSAD 024Law/Ethics: Community Resources3
HSAD 020Biomedical Pharmacology3
HSAD 022Case Management3
HSAD 030Individual, Group & Family Counseling3
HSAD 034Dual Diagnosis3
HSAD 032AAlcohol & Drug: Supervised Practicum I2
HSAD 032BAlcohol & Drug: Supervised Practicum II2
HSAD 033AAlcohol & Drug Supervised Internship I,Alcohol/Drug: Supervised Internship I1
HSAD 033BAlcohol & Drug Supervised Internship II,Alcohol/Drug: Supervised Internship II1
HSAD 095BAlcohol and Drug Work Experience (Maximum of 4 units may be used for work experience.)2, 2
HSAD 036Counseling Diverse Populations (Fall only)3
(Please see item #3 under Requirements for Internship)

These courses prepare students for the certification options. Below are agencies that provide state accepted certification. Please contact the agencies directly with specific questions.

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)

In order to take the ICRC examination, potential applicants must have completed 315 hours of alcohol and drug education and 255 hours of supervised practicum/internship.  The COD HSAD Program is accredited by CCAPP and the COD HSAD Certificate meets their requirements of 315 hours of alcohol/drug education and the 255 hours of supervised practicum/internship.

Requirements for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC-1)

  • Passing grade on the ICRC examination
  • 4000 hours hours of supervised work experience as an alcohol and drug counselor

California Association of Alcohol and Drug Educators (CAADE)

Requirements for Certified Addictions Treatment Counselor (CATC)

  • Passing grade on the examination
  • 2240 supervised clinical hours at a State Licensed AOD facility (which include the hours completed in your field experience/practicum/fieldwork class at college and any supervised/verifiable work at a State Licensed AOD facility, dating back 5 years from when you apply for initial certification).