Adult High School Diploma

The completion of this diploma program will help students be successful in a wide variety of college courses. It also improves their employability and job opportunities.

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
ABE 320AFundamentals of English0
ABE 320BFundamentals of English0
ABE 320CFundamentals of English0
ABE 320DFundamentals of English0
ABE 323AAmerican Literature0
ABE 323BWorld Literature0
ABE 324AReading Control Lab I0
ABE 324BReading Control Lab II0
ABE 326AU.S. History I0
ABE 326BU.S. History II0
ABE 328AAmerican Government0
ABE 328BEconomics0
ABE 332AWorld History I0
ABE 332BWorld History II0
ABE 342APractical Basic Math I0
ABE 342BPractical Basic Math II0
ABE 344AMath for Living I0
ABE 344BMath for Living II0
ABE 346AAlgebra I0
ABE 346BAlgebra II0
ABE 348ALife Science0
ABE 348BPhysical Science0
ABE 348CEarth Science0
ABE 351AMarine Science0
ABE 361AFine Arts: Art0
ABE 361BFine Arts: Music0
ABE 361CFine Arts: Theater0
ABE 335AWorld Geography I0
ABE 335BWorld Geography II0
ABE 368ABeginning Typing - Keyboarding I0
ABE 391AHealth Issues I0
ABE 391BHealth Issues II0