Emergency Medical Technician

EMT 084 meets the state coursework minimum requirements for EMT-I programs. Field and clinical experience is arranged outside of scheduled theory and skills lab time. CPR certification is required prior to students attending clinical experience. Students must be eighteen (18) years of age to enroll in this course. Students are required to purchase malpractice insurance in conjunction with this course. Students will be required to provide a negative criminal background clearance. You will be required to provide proper identification including your Social Security number. The student shall be responsible for paying any associated costs of program requirements. Information sessions are provided for prospective students. Call 760.568.3083  or visit the department website for dates and times of sessions.

On completion of EMT 084 with an 80% or higher, the student is eligible to apply to the local EMS Authority for the county-issued certification as an Emergency Medical Technician-I which is valid for 2 years.  

EMT 085 refresher course is offered each Fall and Spring semester. The course meets the requirements for EMT-I recertification.

This program meets all criteria of the Riverside County EMS Agency for the Emergency Medical Technician-I training. 

This certificate is locally approved and is NOT notated on the student's academic transcript in accordance with State regulations.