Engineering AS Degree

The Associate of Science Degree in Engineering prepares students for transfer to the four year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree program in one of the following engineering disciplines: aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, manufacturing, mechanical, and nuclear. The program covers courses typically offered in freshman and sophomore years of an accredited engineering curriculum in the United States. Students are strongly recommended to keep themselves informed of the rules and requirements related to the major department at the transfer institution. Students are advised to use the counseling expertise available via the Counseling Center and faculty advisors to establish an individual educational plan specific to their academic goal.

Course Code Title Units
Required Core CoursesUnits
ENGR 009Introduction to Engineering3
ENGR 006AElectric Circuits for Engineering & Science4
or PH 006A Electric Circuits for Engineering & Science
MATH 001ACalculus4
MATH 001BCalculus4
MATH 002AMultivariate Calculus4
MATH 002COrdinary Differential Equations4
PH 003AEngineering Physics4
PH 003BEngineering Physics4
Required Courses for Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, and Manufacturing (18-19 units)
CH 001AGeneral Chemistry I5
CS 007AComputer Science I4
DRA 002AutoCAD4
or DRA 011 Intro to Sketchup & Revit
ENGR 011Statics3
or PH 011 Statics
ENGR 013Materials Science3
Required Courses for Electrical (9 units)
CH 001AGeneral Chemistry I5
CS 007AComputer Science I4
Required Courses for Computer/Software (11 units)
CS 007AComputer Science I4
CS 007BComputer Science II3
MATH 015Discrete Mathematics for Computers4
or MATH 002B Linear Algebra
Required Subtotal40-50
Select one of the following: 137-39
Kinesiology Activities2

Units for the major may be double counted for CSU GE or IGETC, confer with Counselor.