English Proficiency Certificate of Completion: Life & Work Skills

This sequence of courses will teach the student the English grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills that he or she will need to be an active and productive member of the community at large. The sequence of courses will also give students the necessary skills to find and maintain a job, as well as advance in a current job that he or she may have.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
ESLN 309AESL - Foundations0
ESLN 310AESL - Comprehensive I0
ESLN 310BESL - Comprehensive II0
ESLN 310CESL - Comprehensive III0
Electives (Optional)
ESLN 387AESL Conversation & Vocabulary - Foundations0
ESLN 388AESL Conversation I - Low Beginning0
ESLN 388BESL Conversation II - High Beginning0
ESLN 388CESL Conversation III - Low Intermediate0
ESLN 390AESL - Pronunciation & Vocabulary 10