Fitness Specialist Certificate of Achievement

The Fitness Specialist Certificate of Achievement is a comprehensive certification that prepares students in the field of personal training, group fitness, exercise leadership and a variety of career opportunities in fitness. The diverse curriculum taught in the certificate includes courses that specialize in principles of anatomy, physiology of movement, energy pathways, cardiorespiratory system, biomechanics, motor learning, fitness assessment, nutrition and weight management.  The courses also prepare students with exercise leadership principles for various methods of communication and learning styles along with how to develop class engagement and motivation. The courses prepare the students for industry driven standards and future exam certifications in personal training with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and an exam certification in Group Fitness with Athletics and Fitness Association of America.  These certifications are accepted nationally in the world of fitness and exercise leadership.  

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
KINE 001First Aid and Safety3
KINE 007Techniques of Exercise Leadership3
KINE 008Introduction to Kinesiology3
KINE 009Essentials for Group Fitness Professionals3
KINE 095Exercise Science2
KINE 095AKinesiology Work Experience (maximum of 1 unit may be used for work experience)1
HS 013General Nutrition3
Fitness Courses
Select 2 units from the following:
KINE 039TRX & Kettlebell Training1
KINE 041Core Conditioning1
KINE 046Endurance Training (Running/Swimming/Cardio-Respiratory)2
KINE 047Body Sculpt & Tone1
KINE 068Jogging, Powerwalking & Running1
KINE 069Biomechanics of Running1
KINE 071Kickboxing Aerobics1
KINE 072Pilates Mat Work1
KINE 073Pilates for Dance1
KINE 083Swimming & Running for Triathletes1
KINE 084Aquatic Crosstraining1
KINE 093Water Fitness1
KINE 098AYoga I-Fundamentals of Yoga1
KINE 099Vinyasa Power Yoga1