Basic Commercial Music Certificate of Achievement

Digital technology has transformed commercial music, making it possible to produce commercial music without huge budgets, expensive studio set-ups or large crews. Whether the goal is to fulfill a personal artistic vision, market a product or advance a cause, the fundamental need for commercial music remains a powerful one.  

In this certificate program, students receive direct, hands-on experience creating commercial music that is entertaining, emotional, sophisticated and compelling.  The program covers the primary aspects of commercial music production, including writing, directing, performing, producing, editing and marketing. Students will learn:

  • Music composition concepts, including song development, music vocabulary and audio production tools, techniques, protocols and workflow
  • Directing and producing techniques including music arrangement and performance
  • Piano and vocal skills
  • Industry standard recording techniques including microphone selection and placement
  • Multi-track recording fundamentals including basic audio editing and mixing
  • Music industry marketing

This Certificate provides a platform from which to launch further study of commercial music production as well as basic entry-level industry skills, processes and practices.  It gives students crucial musical and audio engineering  tools.  Students emerge with commercial music for their personal or professional portfolio.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses (14 units)
MUS 012Fundamentals of Music3
MUS 021APiano I2
MUS 078AElectronic Music Production3
MUS 078BAudio Recording Fundamentals3
MUS 079Introduction to Music Business3
Elective Courses - Select 6 units from the following courses:
MUS 001Music Theory I4
MUS 021BPiano II2
MUS 023AJazz/Rock/Pop Voice I2
MUS 023BJazz/Rock/Pop Voice II2
MUS 050ABeginning Jazz/Rock Guitar2
FILM 002AFilm Production I: Basic Film Production3
MUS 095AMusic Work Experience (maximum of 2 units may be used for work experience)1-2