Grade Change Policy and Grade Appeals

Grade Change Policy

Per Title 5, section 55025, College of the Desert adheres to the following policy and procedures for issuing and changing grades:

  • Grade changes must be presented within two years from the time the grade was assigned.
  • The instructor of record for the class has the right to issue a letter grade to a student. Once a grade has been given, that grade is final.
  • A change of grade may be made in only one of two ways:
    • A grade of Incomplete (I) is changed to a final grade. See Grading, Non-Evaluation Symbols for definition and limitations.
    • The instructor is making a grade change for reasons other than the absence of demonstrated error, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence.
  • All Change of Grade and Incomplete Grade forms will be evaluated based upon the Grading Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees.
  • All requests for Grade Changes that do not adhere to the Grading Policy shall be returned to the instructor submitting the request.

No grade that has been placed in a student’s record may be changed unless the instructor submits a Grade Change form to the Admission & Records Office stating the reason for the change as listed above.

Grade Appeals

The student shall first attempt to solve the problem with the instructor involved. If the problem is not solved, the student may follow the steps outlined in the Grade Grievance Procedure.