Grade Points and Grade Point Average

Grade Points

College of the Desert follows the same system of grade points used by most colleges and universities in the State to give an overall appraisal of the student’s level of achievement. Semester grades are assigned grade points as follows:

A 4 grade points per unit earned
B 3 grade points per unit earned
C 2 grade points per unit earned
D 1 grade point per unit earned
F 0 grade points per unit earned

Semester marks with no assigned grade points are as follows: I, P, NP, EW and W. Units for F grades are counted in computing grade point averages.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The GPA is computed by dividing all graded (A - F) units attempted into all grade points received. Note: Do not include the marks of W, EW, I, P or NP. The following example illustrates the grade point average calculation:

Course Units Grade Grade Points per Unit Grade Points per Class
ENG 1B 3 B 3 9
ART 7A 2 A 4 8
HE 1 3 C 2 6
NR 1 3 B 3 9
NR 1L 1 B 3 3
HIST 17 3 A 4 12
Totals 15 47
Total Grade Points 47
divided by Total Units Attempted 15
equals Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.13