Grading System

Instructors base assigned grades on class work and tests. The grades assigned are as follows:

Symbol Definition Grade Point Value
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Less than Satisfactory 1
F Failing 0
EW Excused Withdrawal (by appeal only) 0
FW 1 Failing for unofficial withdrawal 0
P Passing
(At least satisfactory - A, B, C grades; units awarded but not counted in GPA)
NP No Pass
(Less than Satisfactory, or failing - D or F grades; units not counted in GPA)

For a student who has ceased to participate in a course after the last day to officially drop or withdraw without having achieved a passing grade. The FW grade shall be used in determining grade point average and academic standing. Students who have verifiable extenuating circumstances may petition to withdraw (W) or for an (EW) excused withdraw after receiving an FW. A petition for extenuating circumstances, with accompanying documentation, must be submitted electronically to Admissions & Records no later than one semester after receiving the grade. 

Students may choose the Pass/No Pass grading option on designated courses. This choice can be made at the time of registration, or a student may file a Petition in the Admissions & Records Office prior to the first 30% of the class.

Grades of F count as units attempted and completed with a failing grade. Such grades are computed in the grade point average (both semester and cumulative). Units for which grades of F are assigned do not earn units and do not fulfill course, certificate, or degree requirements.