Grading System

Instructors base assigned grades on class work and tests. The grades assigned are as follows:

Symbol Definition Grade Point Value
A Excellent 4
B Good 3
C Satisfactory 2
D Less than Satisfactory 1
F Failing 0
EW Excused Withdrawal (by appeal only) 0
FW 1 Failing for unofficial withdrawal 0
P Passing
(At least satisfactory - A, B, C grades; units awarded but not counted in GPA)
NP No Pass
(Less than Satisfactory, or failing - D or F grades; units not counted in GPA)

Students may choose the Pass/No Pass grading option on designated courses. This choice can be made at the time of registration, or a student may file a Petition in the Admissions & Records Office prior to the first 30% of the class.

Grades of F count as units attempted and completed with a failing grade. Such grades are computed in the grade point average (both semester and cumulative). Units for which grades of F are assigned do not earn units and do not fulfill course, certificate, or degree requirements.