Bilingual Elementary Teacher Assistant Special Education Certificate of Achievement

This course of study prepares the student with basic competencies to serve as a bilingual assistant in an elementary school classroom under the supervision of a credentialed teacher. Teacher assistants are also called: teacher aides, instructional aides,paraprofessionals, education assistants and paraeducators. This certificate of achievement is designed to provide a foundation of introductory but essential skills for students preparing for a career in education. Students completing this certificate can work as assistant teachers and can also continue on towards more advanced degrees to become credentialed teacher.

Required CoursesUnits
ECE 010Child Growth & Development3
ECE 012Child, Family & Community3
ECE 017Child Guidance3
ECE 027English Language Learners in ECE3
ECE 033Inclusion of Children w/ Special Needs in ECE Settings3
ECE 035Curriculum & Strategies - Children with Special Needs3
ECE 037Inclusion Practices in Early Childhood3
EDUC 001Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching3
BI 004Elements of Biology4
ENG 001AComposition4
ENG 002Argumentative Writing & Critical Thinking thru Literature4
MATH 040Intermediate Algebra4
PS 001Introduction to Government3
SOC 004Sociological Analysis& Critical Thinking3
SPAN 021Spanish for Heritage Speakers I5