Elementary Teacher Assistant Special Education Certificate of Achievement

This course of study prepares the student with basic competencies to serve as an assistant in an elementary school classroom under the supervision of a credentialed teacher. Teacher assistants are also called: teacher aides, instructional aides, paraprofessionals, education assistants and paraeducators. This certificate of achievement is designed to provide a foundation of introductory but essential skills for students preparing for a career in education. Students completing this certificate may work as assistant teachers and can also continue on towards more advanced degrees to become credentialed teachers.

Required CoursesUnits
ECE 010Child Growth & Development3
ECE 012Child, Family & Community3
ECE 017Child Guidance3
ECE 027English Language Learners in ECE3
ECE 033Inclusion of Children w/ Special Needs in ECE Settings3
ECE 035Curriculum & Strategies - Children with Special Needs3
ECE 037Inclusion Practices in Early Childhood3
EDUC 001Introduction to Elementary Classroom Teaching3
BI 004Elements of Biology4
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
ENG 001AComposition4
ENG 002Argumentative Writing & Critical Thinking thru Literature4
MATH 040Intermediate Algebra4
PS 001Introduction to Government3
SOC 004Sociological Analysis& Critical Thinking3