Business Remote Worker Certificate of Achievement

The BRW - Business Remote Worker Certificate of Achievement prepares students to develop dynamic skills to provide office support for employers from their own home. This allowing them the flexibility to attend personal matters that otherwise would be more time limiting. It also prepares students to efficiently transition from office to home in case of an emergency and do it abiding to regulations and etiquette.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
AIS 007BAdvanced Excel2
orĀ AIS 072 Spreadsheet Software
BUAC 010Accounting with QuickBooks3
AIS 006Business Research2
AIS 020Accessibility for Office Professionals2
AIS 021Teleconferencing for Office Professionals1
AIS 023Digital Security & Cloud Storage for Office Professionals2
Elective Courses - Select 3 Units
AIS 002AIntroductory Microsoft Outlook1
AIS 003AIntroductory Microsoft Word1
AIS 004AIntroductory PowerPoint1
AIS 012Office Support Skills3
Certificate Total19/20