Applications and Information Systems AS Degree

The Associate's degree in Applications and Information Systems (AIS) prepares students to either enter the workforce as an entry-level office and/or project manager.

Students who choose not to major in Application Information Systems or as Business Information Workers and/or Specialists find that coursework in the field can improve their abilities in several ways: to think analytically, solve problems, organize thoughts and information, and utilize new technology more efficiently and effectively. AIS classes also provide the combination of technical skills and business skills required for success in an entry level office/administrative assistant position. The coursework also lays the foundation for careers in medical, insurance, and law office positions.

Our discussions with industry representatives indicate that in today’s world, employers expect and demand a certain minimum of computer skills as a given, much as they expect an employee to be able to read, write, and use basic math. College of the Desert’s AIS curriculum includes course offerings that provide a general overview of the discipline, as well as courses dealing with more advanced software concepts and tools used in the business environment.

In addition to the immediate employment benefits of certificates and associate degrees, coursework at College of the Desert prepares the way for further study at the Baccalaureate level within the California State Universities and University of  California systems, and other colleges nationwide.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses - 16 to 17 Units
AIS 002AIntroductory Microsoft Outlook1
AIS 004AIntroductory PowerPoint1
AIS 006Business Research2
AIS 007BAdvanced Excel2
or AIS 072 Spreadsheet Software
AIS 011Current Topics in Technology3
AIS 012Office Support Skills3
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
Required Electives - Choose 25 units
AIS 003AIntroductory Microsoft Word1
AIS 005Office Technology Skills2
AIS 007AIntroductory Excel1
AIS 017Business Data Management4
AIS 025Medical Billing3
AIS 030Real Estate Principles3
AIS 032Real Estate Practice3
BUMA 001Principles of Management3
BUMA 020ABusiness Law I3
BUMA 026Social Media Marketing3
BUMA 027Marketing3
BUMA 032Human Relations in the Workplace3
BUMA 064Human Resource Management3
BUMA 094Business Communications3
BUAC 005Income Tax - Corporations / Partnerships / Estates / Trusts3
BUAC 010Accounting with QuickBooks3
BUAC 020AFinancial Accounting4
BUAC 051Accounting for Entrepreneurs & Business Managers3
CIS 082CFront End Web Development3
CIS 086Visual Basic Programming3
CIS 095AComputer Information Systems Work Experience1-3
CJ 001Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 002Concepts of Criminal Law3
CJ 004Criminal Court Process3
CJ 005Racial Issues and the Police3
HS 061Medical Terminology2
HS 074Informatics for Health Science3
MC 005Introduction to Public Relations3
Required Subtotal16-17
Elective Subtotal25
COD General Education Pattern18
Kinesiology Activities2