Social Media Marketing Certificate of Achievement

The Social Media Marketing Certificate of Achievement provides students with a modern and practical skill that is not limited by any geographical location. Students can use their new skills to work as contractors or as a part of a bigger enterprise anywhere in the country. Students will explore the possibilities and limitations of social media and will have hands-on experience with several of the outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, blogs, wikis, and other current media. Students will be able to relate the effects of these marketing strategies into a business. They will also learn about other marketing tools that can be used in combination with social media for a more effective marketing strategy.

Upon successful completion of the Social Media Certificate of Achievement, students should be able to: use current social media outlets to promote business, create demand, and increase sales based on popularity and specific client response. At the same time, students will be able to evaluate the use of social networking, online marketing channels, and to create an online presence to build businesses.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
CIS 010Computer Literacy4
BUMA 010Introduction to Business3
BUMA 027Marketing3
BUMA 026Social Media Marketing3
Elective Courses
Select 3 units from the following:3
BUMA 094Business Communications3
MC 005Introduction to Public Relations3
BUMA 095ABusiness Management Work Experience (Maximum of 3 units may be used for work experience)3
BUMA 001Principles of Management3
BUMA 028Introduction To Entrepreneurship3