Basic Culinary Arts Certificate of Achievement

The Basic Culinary Arts Certificate of Achievement program at College of the Desert provides training for entry level careers in the food service industry. Emphasis is on back of the house basic cooking and baking skills, as well as safety and sanitation and introduction to the hospitality industry.

Course Code Title Units
Required CoursesUnits
CART 020Baking and Pastries I3
CART 040Culinary Fundamentals3
CART 060Sanitation and Safety2
BUHM 050Introduction to the Hospitality Industry3
Select 9 units from the following:
CART 002Kitchen Basics0.5
CART 010Food Procurement & Cost Control3
CART 0113
CART 021Baking and Pastries II3
CART 030Whole Food Natural Cooking3
CART 042Catering and Production Cooking3
CART 043Hors d'oeuvres & Appetizers2
CART 044Charcuterie2
CART 045Deli and Lunch Cookery2.5
CART 046Breakfast Cookery1.5
CART 064Taste, Smell, & Flavor2
CART 073Culture and Cuisine2
CART 074Advanced Cooking2
CART 095ACulinary Arts Work Experience1-8
HS 013General Nutrition3