Digital Design Studies AA Degree

Digital Design Studies is the vehicle by which business communicates visually by infusing art and technology to communicate ideas through images and other communications media. The graphic designer and content creator are often working closely with marketing departments to develop and implement branding strategies, communications, and presence, including many other related business activities. Students working toward their Associates degree in this program study computer graphic design for print, web, and video. This cross-discipline program is designed to prepare students for employment in the diverse fields of Web Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, and Interactive Multimedia. Career paths may also lead to working in advertising, marketing or independently. Careers in the discipline that generally require graduate-level degrees include college teacher, video editor, web developer, creative director, and art director.

This degree replaces the Graphic Design & Marketing, will be deactivated as of Spring 2023, local transfer degree to CSUSB for more accurate academic alignment. 

Course Code Title Units
DDP 110Graphic Design3
DDP 111Advertising Design3
DDP 112Digital Typography3
CIS 087Introduction to Programming Using Python3
Choose one from the following:
DDP 100Introduction to Digital Art & Media3
DDP 101Digital Imaging3
DDP 102Digital Illustration3
DDP 103Publication Design & Production3
Choose one from the following:
DDP 120Video Post Production3
DDP 121Motion Graphics3
DDP 1443D Animation3
Choose two from the following:
ARTH 002AHistory of Art I: Prehistoric to Medieval3
ARTH 002BHistory of Art II: Renaissance to Contemporary3
ARTH 002CHistory of Modern Art3
Required Subtotal24
Choose six units from the following:
ART 001ABeginning Drawing & Composition3
ART 005ABeginning Figure Drawing3
ART 003ABasic Design & Color3
ART 014ABeginning Screen Printing3
ART 019Introduction to Painting3
ART 025ABeginning Acrylic Painting3
ART 030ABeginning Black & White Photography3
BUAC 020AFinancial Accounting4
BUMA 010Introduction to Business3
BUMA 026Social Media Marketing3
DDP 095ADigital Design & Production Work Experience1-8
DDP 113Design for Social Change3
DDP 116Social Media Design3
DDP 130Digital Darkroom1.5
DDP 131Digital Photography3
DDP 132Commercial Photography3
DDP 140Character Animation3
DDP 142Digital Storyboarding3
DDP 150Web Design & Development3
DDP 151User Experience Design3
DDP 195Business Practices and Portfolio Preparation for Creatives3
ECON 001Principles of Macroeconomics3
FILM 001Introduction to Film3
FILM 003Screenwriting3
FILM 002AFilm Production I: Basic Film Production3
FILM 007Film Editing3
FILM 012ACreative Content - Basic1
J 004ABasic Newspaper & Internet Production3
J 010Magazine Writing & Production3
Select one of the following:37-39
CSU General Education
IGETC Pattern
Kinesiology Activities2