Photography Certificate of Achievement

In today’s world, images have become the most dominant global form of communication. Images are used to sell the products that surround us, drive valuable traffic in the online environment, influence public perception, as well inform, entertain, or inspire.  These images are created by highly skilled photographers who are able to use tools such as lighting, composition, digital editing software, and the full capabilities of their camera to create their desired effect.

The Photography Certificate of Achievement provides a strong foundation for students wishing to enter the workforce as photographers as well as to further their education in the fields of photography, fine arts, or graphic design.  Students will learn the basic skills, processes, and practices needed to begin working as photographers. Students will create a portfolio of images, a website, and CV/resume for professional or academic use.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
DDP 100Introduction to Digital Art & Media3
or ART 034 Introduction to Digital Art & Media
DDP 130Digital Darkroom (Digital Darkroom)1.5
DDP 101Digital Imaging3
DDP 131Digital Photography3
or ART 031 Digital Photography
DDP 132Commercial Photography3
DDP 195Business Practices and Portfolio Preparation for Creatives3
ART 030ABeginning Black & White Photography3
ARTH 033History of Photography3
DDP 103Publication Design & Production3
DDP 095ADigital Design & Production Work Experience1-6