Fire Technology AS Degree (employment preparation)

Fire technology is the study of the organization and function of fire prevention and suppression techniques; fire behavior and combustion, fire chemistry, extinguishing agents, hazardous and toxic material; fire protection systems; fire command and fire management (supervision).

Career paths chosen by students pursuing an undergraduate and/or baccalaureate degree in fire technology commonly include firefighter, fire engineer, paramedic, forest service worker, health and safety officer, fire prevention specialist, fire inspector, fire investigator, fire protection engineer and hazardous materials specialist.

College of the Desert’s Fire Technology curriculum includes course offerings that provide a general overview of fire service disciplines, as well as specific courses in fire suppression, fire tactics and strategy, fire prevention, design and operation of fire detection and alarm systems, hazardous materials, fire protection building design and construction. In addition, Fire Service Training & Education Program (FSTEP) and California Fire Service Training & Education System (CFSTES) courses through the California State Fire Marshal's office are offered in this program.

College of the Desert is recognized by the California State Fire Marshal as an Accredited Regional Training Program offering a Firefighter 1 Basic Training Academy. The objective for this program are to develop teamwork, skills, attitudes and public service commitment necessary for employment in the fire service.  

Students earning an Associate of Science in Fire Technology (employment preparation) may pursue positions as a firefighter, paramedic or firefighter/ EMT or may choose to continue their study in fire technology or fire service toward a bachelor’s degree.

Course Code Title Units
Required Courses
FIRE 001Principles of Emergency Services3
Principles of Emergency Services 1A
and Principles of Emergency Services 1B
FIRE 002Fire Prevention3
FIRE 003Fire Protection Systems3
FIRE 004Building Construction for Fire Protection3
FIRE 005Fire Behavior & Combustion3
FIRE 007Principles of Fire & Emergency Services Safety & Survival3
Select 22 units from the following (with Advisor approval):
FIRE 006Hazardous Materials/ICS3
FIRE 008Firefighting Strategies & Tactics3
FIRE 009Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply3
FIRE 010Wildland Fire Technology3
FIRE 024Report Writing for the Fire Service3
FIRE 095AFire Technology Work Experience (Maximum of 4 units may be used for work experience)1-4
BFFA 063Basic Fire Fighter I Academy (Full Time)19
Basic Fire Fighter I Academy (Part 1)
and Basic Fire Fighter I Academy (Part 2)
CSFM 070Confined Space - Awareness0.5
CSFM 071Rapid Intervention Crew Operations0.5
CSFM 075Hazardous Materials First Responder Awareness Level0.5
CSFM 076Low Angle Rescue Operational0.5
CSFM 077AFire Investigation 1A: Fire Origin & Cause Determination2.5
CSFM 077BFire Investigation 1B: Techniques of Fire Investigation2.5
CSFM 079BI-200: Basic ICS1
CSFM 079CI-300: Intermediate ICS1.5
CSFM 079DI-400: Advanced ICS1
CSFM 082AFire Apparatus Driver/Operator 1A: Emergency Vehicle Ops1.5
CSFM 082BFire Apparatus Driver/Operator 1B: Pumping Apparatus Ops1.5
CSFM 083ACompany Officer 2A: Human Resource Management2
CSFM 083BCompany Officer 2B: General Administration Functions1
CSFM 083CCompany Officer 2C: Fire Inspections and Investigations2
CSFM 083DCompany Officer 2D: All Risk Command Operations2
CSFM 083ECompany Officer 2E: Wildland Incident Operations2
CSFM 084AInstructor 1: Instructor Methodology2
CSFM 085AFire Inspector 1A: Duties and Administration1
CSFM 085BFire Inspector 1B: Fire and Life Safety1
CSFM 085CFire Inspector 1C: Field Inspection1
CSFM 085DFire Inspector 1D: Field Inspection- California Specific1
BIT 026Building II & Fire Codes3
EMR 080Emergency Medical Responder3
EMT 084Emergency Medical Technician I9
Required Subtotal18
Elective Subtotal22
COD General Education Pattern18
Kinesiology Activities2